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Welcome to Beautiwonder.shop, we are an 100% women and veteran owned  online health and beauty shop based in the United States. We are dedicated to only providing high quality health and beauty products.

Our product policy is quite simple: our mission is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date range of products, including organic and cruelty free makeup, skincare, bath products, haircare, men grooming products, shapers, trainers, beauty tools, weight loss products, tech gadgets and more.

We believe “Healthy is Beautiful.”  Our webstore is here to help keep you looking beautiful and healthy on the inside and out! We stride to make that a reality by actively seeking out and providing the most innovative and useful health and beauty products that the world has to offer at remarkably affordable prices.


We’re a thought-provoking beauty, health and wellness blog that delivers beauty advice, workouts routines, nutritious recipes, and expert tips on how to feel good on the inside and out ( both mentally and physically). It was founded by an ambitious entrepreneur. And it is produced by a team of freelance researchers dedicated to providing accurate, science-backed, up-to-date information.

Our mission is simple- We want to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and become a beautiwonder. How? By focusing on relevant content that will help you with real life problems.

What is a BeautiWonder?

A beautiwonder is someone who has achieved their best healthiest and happy version. The concept of this healthy lifestyle blog is based on the lifestyle principles passed down to the founder from her great grandmother- whom she called Nanna. Nanna was the ultimate beautiwonder.

Not only was she a woman of faith. But she didn’t take any medications. She never looked her age and she actually wore high heels well into her eighties.

For most of her adult life, she unknowingly practiced what is considered a holistic lifestyle. Her daily habits consisted of:

  • “turning the plate down” regularly (fasting),
  • eating fruits and vegetables every day
  • drinking lemon water
  • practicing daily gratitude
  • maintaining a positive attitude

She lived to be 92 years of age. Before she passed, she would often brag that she was blessed because she was in her right mind and “not on a stick”(didn’t need a cane to walk).

When You Feel Good You Look Good, When You Look Good You Feel Good

We’re Passionate about Health and Beauty

Here at Beautiwonder.com, we love what we do. We love to look at life on the positive side. And nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing positive energy.

Moreover, the aim of our health and wellness blog is to help make you feel good about yourself. It is our core belief that anyone can learn healthy ways of living, regardless of age or circumstances. We further believe that:

  • Everyone is beautifully and wonderfully made.
  • Healthy beauty is empowering.
  • The happier you are the more beautify you are.
  • The greatest wealth is health.

And studies have shown that healthy people tend to live longer. That’s why we take time to research every topic, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information available.

What You Will Find on This Health and Wellness Blog

From beauty hacks to healthy recipes,  and more. Our articles include curated and original information, from some of the most trusted sources from all over the globe.   We cover some of the most popular wellness topics including:

  • Intermitment Fasting
  • Weight loss tips
  • Home remedies
  • Anti-aging
  • Sexual health
  • Spiritual / Mental health

In fact, you’ll find that our topics are not only scientifically sound, but fun to read. In addition, it includes an awesome E-commerce shop. That’s filled with some of the best health and beauty products around. Items that will make it easier for you to achieve your best healthy version.

Now, we know that health and wellness is a very personal and private subject, that’s why we maintain a very strict privacy policy.

Lastly, thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it. And we hope you enjoy this health and wellness blog as much as we enjoy researching. In the meantime, visit us often, as we are constantly updating and adding new tips, sharing the latest diet plans, beauty trends and health-related news. And we promise no fluff, no hype and no b.s!

To Your Healthiest Beautiful Version!


If you would like us to research a particular beauty and health related topic, feel free to drop us a line via our contact form.

Disclaimer – we are not medical professionals and we don’t claim to be one. We are merely researchers. All the content in this blog is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. Please read the full disclaimer for more information.


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